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The Sinetamer® solution encompasses the deployment of a 4th Generation Technology of surge and transient protection system.  We are more than just a typical lightning arrestor which can be found on electrical panels around the world.  Sinetamer® is an engineered solution designed for the ultra sensitive nature of all variations of microprocessor based devices.

LA & RM Units

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The LA and the RM units are – frequency attenuation – internally current and thermally fused  – UL94V

The LA is a true 10 mode device, while the RM is a seven mode unit.

More information on these models is available to ECS Distributors only*.

SineTamer Advantage Units

Premier Level of SineTamer Series Suppressors

  • True 10 mode dedicated components
  • CE Mark
  • UL94V Composite enclosures
  • Component Level Thermal Fusing
  • Patented Board Level Current Fusing
  • Disconnect
  • DRC
  • Surge Counter options
  • Frequency Attenuation Network models

Frequency Attenuation

  • ST-CSLx: 90 ka per phase
  • ST-CKLx:  120 ka per phase
  • ST-CSEx: 240 ka per phase
  • ST-CMLx: 300 ka per phase

Non-Frequency Attenuation

  • ST-SSLx:  90 ka per phase
  • ST-SKLx: 120 ka per phase
  • ST-SDLx:  180 ka per phase
  • ST-LSEx:  240 ka per phase
  • ST-SMLx:  300 ka per phase
  • ST-SILxM:  360 ka per phase
  • ST-SHLxM:  480 ka per phase
  • ST-SHDLxM:  600 ka per phase
  • ST-SMDLxM:  720 ka per phase
  • ST-SXDLxM:  900 ka per phase

Medium Voltage Units

  • ST-LSEA-MV: 160 kA per phase units
  • ST-SILA-MV:  240 kA per phase units
  • ST-SHLA-MV:  320 kA per phase units
  • ST-MV-AC72:  7.2 kV units
  • ST-CMV-AC:  ST-CMV-AC Announcing the Latest Technology in Medium Voltage surge suppression! Smaller Enclosure, Economical Fusing and Longer Warranty!

Data/Telecom Units

The Sinetamer® product line also encompasses a complete range of telecom and data units, many of which are appropriately UL497A or B Listed.  Our data units range from single/multiple pair 4/20mA to Cat6 protection for single point of use or 19″ Rack mount applications.  We also have a range of coaxial video units available.

Remember if you do not see it here, ask us!

New # UL497B
ST-TC130D2-B: TC130D2-B 1 Pair, 2 Conductor, Terminal Strip
ST-TC130D4-B: ST-TC130D4-B 2 Pair, 4 Conductor, Terminal Strip
ST-TC140D6-B: ST-TC130D6-B 3 Pair, 6 Conductor, Terminal Strip
ST-TC130D8-B: ST-TC130D8-B 4 Pair,8 Conductor, Terminal Strip
ST-TC130D2DIN-B: ST-TC130D2DIN-B 1 Pair, 2 Conductor, DIN rail mounting
ST-TC130D4DIN-B: ST-TC130D4DIN-B 2 Pair, 4 Conductor, DIN rail mounting
ST-TC130D6DIN-B: ST-TC130D6DIN-B 4 Pair, 8 Conductor, DIN rail mounting
ST-TRJ14130D4-B: ST-TRJ14130D4-B 2 Pair, RJ14, Mod 8 Pin RJ Jacks In/Out
ST-T66130D10-B: ST-T66130D10-B 5 pair, standard telecom, punch down block
ST-T66130D20-B: ST-T66130D20-B 2 – PDB5 + DIN mounting + grounding kit
ST-T66130D30-B: ST-T66130D30-B 3 – PDB5 + DIN mounting + grounding kit
ST-T66130D40-B: ST-T66130D40-B 4 – PDB5 + DIN mounting + grounding kit
ST-T66130D50-B: ST-T66130D50-B 5 – PDB5 + DIN mounting + grounding kit
ST-CXF60F1-B: ST-CXF60F1-B Coax -F- Connector
ST-CXBNC60F1-B: ST-CXBNC60F1-B  Coax -BNC- Connector
ST-CXF##E2-B: ST-CXF##E2-B HP Coax Units
 ST-CXNxxFx-B Coax -N- Connector

Data Terminal Strip Suppressors – Industrial

# = voltage of 5, 15, 24, 53, 140
ST-DP233A4-B: ST-DP2##A4-B 4 conductor
ST-DP233A8-B: ST-DP2##A8-B 8 conductor
10 Mbs, 10 ka per pair Peak Surge Current
# = voltage of 5, 15, 33, 53, 140
ST- DP2##B4-B: ST-DP2##B4-B 4 conductor
ST-DP2##B8-B: ST-DP2##B8-B 8 conductor
100 Mbs, .1 ka per pair Peak Surge Current
# = voltage of 5, 15, 33, 53, 140
ST-DP2##C4-B: ST-DP2##C4-B 4 conductor
ST-DP2##C8-B: ST-DP2##C8-B 8 conductor

Data Suppressors Various

UL497B x = voltage of 5, 12, 24, 48, 140� Cat 5, 100mb
ST-DRJ45##C8-B: ST-DRJ45##C8-B
ST-DRJ45##C12PORTSID-B: ST-DRJ45##C12PORTSID-B 12 port rack mount
ST-DRJ45##C24PORTSID-B: ST-DRJ45##C24PORTSID-B 24 port rack mount
ST-RS232-DB25: ST-RS232-DB25 DB25- 25 pin connection
ST-RS232 // ST-RS485 ST-RS232 // ST-RS485
ST-T66###A10-B: ST-T66###A10-B 5 pr Data up to 2mbits and x = Voltage
 ST-RJ45-Cat5  Ethernet Cat5
 ST-RJ45-Cat6 Ethernet 1000Base T, RJ45
 ST-RJ45-Cat5POE Cat5 100 BaseT with 48v POE
 ST-RJ45-Cat6POE  Cat6 1000 BaseT, 1000BaseTX with 48v POE

Data Terminal Strip 4/120mA Loop Current units (5, 12, 24, 48, 140 v)

ST-CLC##A2-B: ST-CLC##A2-B 2 Wire, Current Loop, 12, 24, 48, 140V Nominal
ST-CLW24A2P-B: ST-CLW24A2P-B 2 wire stainless steel, capped, 24v
ST-CLW48A2P-B: ST-CLW48A2P-B  2 wire stainless steel, capped, 48v
## – Voltage, z suffix – data rate (X=10Mbps & C=100Mbps)
ST-CLP##A2DIN-B: ST-CLP##A2DIN-B 1 Pair, 2 Conductor, DIN rail mounting, 2 Mbps
ST-CLP##A4DIN-B: ST-CLP##A4DIN-B  2 Pair, 4 Conductor, DIN rail mounting, 2 Mbps
ST-CLP##A6DIN-B: ST-CLP##A6DIN-B 3 Pair, 6 Conductor, DIN rail mounting, 2 Mbps
ST-CLP##A2-B: ST-CLP##A2-B 1 pair, mounting feet, 2 Mbps
ST-CLP##A4-B: ST-CLP##A4-B 2 pair, mounting feet, 2 Mbps
ST-CLP##A6-B: ST-CLP##A6-B  3 pair, mounting feet, 2 Mbps
 ST-CLP##Ax-B 1-3 pair, mounting feet – 100 Mbps
ST-T66##B50-B: ST-T66##B50-B 2 wire Current Loop 24/48- 25pr. PDB

Video Units and Combo Data

Coax units for data and video
Combo DC and Video via UTP (4 wire)
Combo DC, DATA and Video via UTP (8 wire)

Individual Circuit Units

To view Data Sheets Click Here – Registered Users Only

These devices are intended for single phase 120 to 480 VAC or 5 to 240 VDC circuit applications at locations feeding sensitive/critical equipment. They are unique in that they are designed as a stand-alone surge suppression device and require no special enclosure when used outside an existing enclosure or cabinet. Their compact size make installation a breeze and the warranty is the best in the industry. Now add to all that, dedicated “all mode” protection, and you get a device that defines effective and reliable surge suppression.

Units are available with our Frequency Attenuation Network™ or simply the encapsulated Optimal Response Network.

  • SPT Series – Enhanced SineWave Tracking™ – AC units.
  • SPT-RJ Series – Enhanced SineWave Tracking™ – AC units with RJ14 protection included.
  • SPT-DIN Series – Enhanced SineWave Tracking™ – AC units with DIN rail mounting.
  • SPT-DC series – Enhanced SineWave Tracking™ – DC units.
  • SPW Series – Hardwired Enhanced SineWave Tracking™ – AC units from 120 to 480Vac
  • FSPT Series – Optimal Response Network – AC units.
  • ST-PIU2 / ST-SPIU2


  • ST-LL240P- 240 Volt, 3 Wire, Parallel unit, With or W/O Frequency Attenuation.

Spanish Data Sheets

  • SPT Series
  • FSPT Series

ICPS Family

  • ST-ICPS – Enhanced Sinewave Tracking (when space is critical and limited.
  • ST-RSE-3N series These are Three (3) phase units in the same enclosure as the SPT units
  • ST-FDINxx-20 – 35 mm Din Rail enclosure unit. 120 or 240 single phase – thermal/current fused! Standard clamping performance

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